Pendant sizing

All pendants are 18-19″ unless otherwise specified. Cork leather pendants are 18″, chains and cotton cords are 19″. There may be small variation in sizing between pieces. Please let us know in the order comments if you would like the length to be shorter or longer.

Cuff sizing

Our cuffs are 6″ in length. You may need to bend it gently to size when you first wear it. If it’s too loose it will spin around and may fall off, so measure your wrist before buying to be sure it won’t be too big or too small. Repeated bending is not recommended, the metal will become brittle and may break. Just turn it to the side to get it on and off your wrist.


We use aluminium, copper, brass and stainless steel. Added components like charms may use other metals.

Jewellery care

Jewellery should not be worn in the shower, swimming, while exercising or stored in humid areas. Basically try to avoid getting the jewellery wet. Harsh cleaners should not be used. Clean with a soft cloth only unless you are attempting to remove tarnish and restore to ‘shiny new’ in which case you can use jewellery cleaner or polish. If you are unsure what to use for your specific piece, please ask us.

Stamped impressions can be re-darkened with a Sharpie if needed. Remove excess ink with rubbing alcohol.

Keep jewellery out of reach of pets and young children.

About copper

Most copper jewellery has been treated to give it a ‘patina’ or an aged look. This also give it interesting colours. It has also been treated with Renaissance Wax to preserve its appearance. Clean or rub your jewellery only with a soft cloth to preserve this look. Using polishing creams or pads will remove the wax and patina and give you the new shiny copper look. If your jewellery does not have the patina, feel free to polish it up to restore that brand new shiny copper look.

Copper or brass can discolour the skin to a greenish or bluish tinge. This is due to the pH of the skin and varies from person to person. It’s harmless and will fade. We coat the pieces with Renaissance Wax to preserve the appearance and protect the skin. When the protective wax coating wears off, you can add more yourself or apply clear nail polish. There’s really no way to have a permanent coating, everything does wear off with use. If you find that skin discolouration bothers you, copper or brass jewellery may not be for you.

About aluminium

Aluminium is a great metal because it’s lightweight, looks like silver and reactions to it are quite rare being that it’s lead and nickel free. It also doesn’t tarnish like silver. A splash of water here and there isn’t going to do it any harm, just dry it off. Unfortunately we can’t etch it like we do the copper and brass, so our designs are limited to stamping and hammering.

Limit of liability

Skin can react differently to different metals and substances, we try to be as accurate as we can in describing each item, however Willow and Juniper cannot be held responsible for allergies or reactions to our products. Each piece may have several different metals so please check with us first if you have sensitivities and we can endeavour to swap out cords or findings with different metals for you. Aluminium and stainless steel are generally considered to be hypoallergenic, and are super easy to look after!

This jewellery is considered costume jewellery for adults and is not suitable for young children.


Jewellery is warranted for defects in workmanship for a three months provided proper care is taken to look after the jewellery. See Jewellery Care above.

If you need something fixed or replaced, please contact us first and we will give you instructions to ship back the item for repair or replacement. Normal wear and tear, improper use or loss is not covered under warranty. We are not responsible for shipping costs. In some instances we may have to offer a substitution if components are not in stock.